Beth Greene is a young survivor of the AMC T/V his series The Walking Dead. She is 18. She was living as a resident at the Greene Familt Farm. She then became a membr of Rick Grimes Group.

Beth GreeneEdit

Beth Greene

Beth Greene

Actor Emily Kinney
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Age 16 (Season 2)

18 (Season 4)

Occupation High School Student/Farm Hand
Family Hershel Greene - Father (Deceased)

Annette Greene - Mother (Deceased) Maggie Greene - Half-Sister Shawn Greene - Half-Brother (Deceased) Arnold Greene - Cousin (Deceased) Glenn Rhee - Half-Brother-In-Law Jimmy - Ex-Boyfriend (Deceased) Zach - Ex-Boyfriend (Deceased)

First Appearance "Bloodletting"
Status Unknown
Series lifespan "Bloodletting" to Present
Ethnicity Irish-American


Beth began out as a shy, 18 year old farm girl. She tended to keep to herself, often being protected by her boyfriend, Jimmy. She was often refered to as "Bethy" by her dad. As the sesons move along, she becomes a little more open. As she began to create other relationships. At the end of season 4, she was shown to swear and wanted to dri nk alchol. Showing, she opened up a little more.


"Carl! She's your mother, you can't talk to her like that."


"I know you look at me and see another dead girl."


"It's beautiful... Whoever did this, cared. They wanted these people to get a funeral. They remember these things were people... Before all this. They didn't let it change them in the end. Don't you think that's beautiful?"

  "I thought-- I hoped he'd just live the rest of his life in peace, you know? I thought Maggie and Glenn would have a baby. And he'd get to be a grandpa. And we'd have birthdays and holidays and summer picnics. And he'd get really old... And it 'd happen, but it'd be quiet... It'd be okay... He'd be surrounded by people he loved. That's how unbelievably stupid I am."


"Maggie, we don't get to be upset. We all got jobs to do, that's what daddy always says. Daryl and Michonne will get the meds, you and Carol and Rick will help everyone till they get back, and I'll take care of Judith. Just focus on what you have to do. No matter what happens, we'll deal with it... We have to."


"They got her, too. Took her right from me. I was...I was holding on to her, daddy."



"This will be a good place to have the baby, safe."


"I always wanted a child."


  "Your going to miss me so bad when im gone, Daryl Dixon"


"We care about you."


  "Why are you so egar to give up on him"


"When you care about people, hurt is kind of part of the package"



"I'm glad i didin't say goodbye"


"Yes Mr. Dixon"